Drug-free Dentistry is located in beautiful downtown Laguna Beach, California.  Since 1985, no injections or x-rays have been used for over 99% of patients and procedures. 
  1. Maintain a vertical position (infant’s head upright) during nursing or bottle feeding. In nature, all mammals nurse upright. As adults, we don’t drink in a horizontal position. Stomach acids from drinking horizontally can travel to the mouth and cause bottle rot (tooth decay) on the baby teeth.

  2.  Report on Carcinogens 2005: X-rays. Children should not receive dental x-rays during permanent tooth development.

  3. Orthodontics (tooth movement) can be achieved with the use of removable retainers.

  4. Proper maintenance of wisdom teeth.

Philosophies  of Dr. Thomas L. Baba

Dr. Thomas L. Baba was born and raised in Southern California.  He received his biological sciences degree from U.C. Irvine and graduated from U.S.C. Dental School in 1985. 

Two integrated publications are available describing a different approach to the understanding and healing of the body.  “The Fourteen Origins of Bodily Pains and/or Death” describes 14 titled sources from which bodily pains or death can arise.  Through this system, the causes of modern diseases, ailments, injuries, unknown pains, and death should be systematically identified stemming out from one or more of these fourteen “titled” pain causing categories and therefore the problem may be able to be treated more accordingly.  “The Dental Report Card” creatively lists in alphabetical order 25 reasons for tooth decay with Z representing zero cavities.   

Dr. Tom is also a nationally licensed Holistic Health Practitioner.  Drug-free Heal is the name of the business in which he mainly uses a fresh diet and massage approach to encourage the body into a better state of functioning and well-being. 

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